Globelight Inc at Edinburgh Gardens NYE

Had 1 of 5 light works in the Edinburgh Gardens, Clifton Hill, set up and on from 9 p.m. 31st Dec, 2015 running until 12:30 a.m. 1st Jan, 2016. New Year’s Eve event for City of Yarra. So hot for set up but after dark was cooler, cloudy sky helped the work and no rain… so ok in the end. Steady stream of people wandering through to talk to, loads of security, could see city fireworks at midnight…so happy new year! This was a Globelight Inc event and other artists were James Tapscott, Amanda Clarke, Judy Brandt and Sean Diamond.

My work Light in plinth 7, 2015, was hard to photograph but here are a few. It was a steadily moving slow colour-changing Sharpee beam housed in a cube frame of powder coated aluminium on top of the vacant plinth. The beam was programmed to light up its frame and move through the tree foliage mostly but at times circling the plinth on the ground level and above in the sky level.

My work was simple but mesmerising and kids were chasing it though the dark park-scape. Most of the night was spent talking with local people as they walked with family and their dogs throughout the park and enjoying the addition of light art works. They were interested to discuss my ideas behind the work. There was a great sense of community in a park that had previously not been that safe. Thanks Clifton Hill folk for a good night. 


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