Spaces are as important as the words

Have curated a show about space and words …. and different takes on both ..what is in the space?


Walls, 2016, A4 Giclee print


Yarra Sculpture Gallery



Exhibition and events from Weds 31st August



Alanna Lorenzon

Danni McCarthy

David Freney-Mills

Linda Loh

Susie Leahy Raleigh

Veronica Caven Aldous



Curated by Veronica Caven Aldous

Events Drink tea Herbal tea bar running every day 11 a.m. –

4 p.m.

Wednesday 31st August Art therapy session Alanna Lorenzon


2 p.m.
Thursday 1st Sept Artist talk Linda Loh


1 p.m.
Friday 2nd Sept Wall painting and artist talk David Freney-Mills


2 p.m.
Saturday 3rd Sept Wall drawing and music performance Danni McCarthy and Bridget Mantelli on flute


1 p.m.
Sunday 4th


Music Improvisation

“Unspoken Labyrinth”

Robert Vincs on saxophone and Anita Hustas on crystal bowls


2 p.m.
Wednesday 7th Sept Yoga class Madelaine Partsioglou

$10 per person and BYO mat

2 p.m.
Thursday 8th Sept Artist talk: The unknown in regard to the process of making abstract art. Susie Leahy Raleigh


2 p.m.
Friday 9th Sept Public Art talk -“Turning ideas into public art” Thomas Ryan


2:30 p.m.
Saturday 10th Sept Collaborative activity -“Words are as important as the spaces” OK Collective


1 p.m.
Sunday 11th Sept Closing drinks event Open from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Closing Drinks 1- 4 p.m.


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