Images of Spaces are as important as the words

A recent show I curated….exhibiting: Alanna Lorenzon, Danni McCarthy, David Freney-Mills, Linda Loh, Susie Leahy Raleigh and Veronica Caven Aldous at Yarra Sculpture Gallery 31/8 – 11/9/16 with events each day.

All the artists and events presenters responded to a statement I wrote about the Vedic concept that the gaps are as important as the words…which changed into ideas about connections between spaces and words.

Images from all the contributors following ….beginning with Alanna’s work and images of an art therapy workshop she ran.



Danni McCarthy’s work and wall drawing performance.


David Freney-Mills’ work and artist’s talk.


Linda Loh’s video still and she also did an artist’s talk.

Linda Loh YSG (1).jpg

Susie Leahy Raleigh’s work and artist talk.


I set up two installations Talking Circle and Herbal Tea Bar which worked as a central hub for the artists, their events and visitors to the gallery. I also exhibited some Giclee prints and a marquette/sculpture.


OK Collective held a “Words are as important as the spaces” event.


Robert Vincs on saxophone and Anita Hustas on crystal bowls and other percussion performed an improvisation “Unspoken Labyrinth”.


Thomas Ryan gave a presentation about public art “Turning ideas into public art”.


Jasmine Targett hosted a Yoga class given by Yoga Teacher  Madelaine Partsioglou.


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