Talking Circle @ PIC Performance Art Fair, Queensbury Bridge Square, Southbank, Melbourne

OK Collective curated PIC (performance, interaction, collaboration) on 15/10/16 … a fair of performance artists including my installation Talking Circle.


Talking Circle is a space to discuss the experience of the performance fair. There everyone will be able to drink herbal tea and the general public, performance artists and organisers are all invited to come and engage with each other. For the general public it may be an opportunity to discuss what they have seen in the performances. For the performers it will be a space to meet and interact with each other either through their performing or through discussion. Talking Circle is about setting up a space for the collective discussion that is often otherwise transient.

Veronica’s art practice includes non-representational painting, light works, installation and discussion about art both informal and formalised. She is interested in an exploration of real materials and objects in actual space while she draws on other interests including the history of philosophy particularly from Indian Vedic literature. Rather than only exhibiting works she is interested in the ideas that surround them. Veronica has exhibited extensively with 12 solo and more than 30 group exhibitions in Melbourne and Perth. She has just completed a PhD at Monash University having previously completed a MVA at the VCA, Melbourne. Veronica researched links perceived in her practice between Colour Field Painting, Minimalism and Vedic Philosophy.

Veronica’s non-representational practice will never be pure abstraction as she aims to make concrete ideas and feelings about being, nature and being in the world. This process includes a sense of resistance and individuality against endemic discrimination and biases against individual thought, being a woman and working with abstraction.



The central tent above housed Talking circle.


As it was an extremely windy day I taped the tea pots, tray and snacks to the tablecloth.


PIC – 15/10/16

Feedback – Talking Circle – Herbal tea bar in Tent 1 between 3 p.m. – 6 p.m.

I served approximately 50 cups of tea and while I did not capture the discussions on video I did make some notes afterwards. These are documented here in no specific order.

  • Do you do this every week… once per month at least would be good.
  • See you next month.
  • There was a discussion between a few people about what the art fair was like… A David Lynch movie… Trafalgar Square and a DL movie… TS, DL crossed with Moulin Rouge movie… A deconstructed formal square but with more humanity and fun and wind.
  • I received an email via my website two days later… Hello Veronica, I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how much my husband & I (the Canadians) enjoyed meeting you on Saturday at the event and having a cup of tea – great idea!  As you mentioned it brings people together… and I can see how it would be appreciated by a solo visitor coming to an opening! Thanks again for your time and the tea – if you have a moment to remind me of the name of it that would be appreciated – neither Kevin nor myself could remember it – just know it doesn’t have Chamomile in it!! Make it a wonderful day! Sue
  • For those who asked…the 2 main teas I was serving was an organic green tea and Pitta tea, found in health food stores or online see link below.
  • A couple from Israel who had arrived in Melbourne a week ago and who were travelling around Australia and New Zealand for a year enjoyed discussing the role of art in life. They were from Tel Aviv, which they described as a bubble within Israel of culture and enjoyable life whereas the rest of Israel has so much anxiety and safety issues. They thought being here at PIC reminded them of Tel Aviv. They said art is life and art is like breathing. They attended many of the performances and are pictured in Damon’s art therapy images.
  • There is something for everyone.
  • Two families with several children came early and then back later to the tea stall to discuss what they had done at the various tents.
  • It is good to feel I can join in.
  • The artists are all so different… it broadens any idea of what art is.
  • One grandfather who had migrated from Hong Kong 6 month ago introduced himself as Lung “means dragon”. He had cup of tea and we spoke about his interest in the arts and mostly music. He thought he might begin teaching piano accordion at his local community centre to get more involved with the arts. Two hours later he brought back his wife, daughter and 2 grandchildren and had another tea while he sent his family off to experience a few nearby performers.
  • This is so much fun.
  • Really appreciated the show was not affected by the strong winds. I am really impressed by the professional attitude and commitment of the artists.
  • This is so nice to be offered a cup of tea and a sit down to chat.
  • I would love a cup of tea.
  • No thank you but thank you for asking me.
  • Part of an art practice is talking about it and thinking about it over tea.
  • Aesthetics of care.

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