Guides to help you – curated by Tracy Sarroff until 23rd April, Campbell Arcade, Melbourne

I have a work in a group show ‘GUIDES TO HELP YOU’ on until 23rd April…closing drinks 22nd April..details…














Mon to Fri 7am-7pm

Sat 10am-5pm


Guides To Help You is an exhibition of artworks made with light that presents a wide overview of creative approaches spanning neon, fluorescent and LED in a multitude of forms. Aly Indermühle, Brendan Van Hek, Eugenia Raskopoulos, Kristin McIver, Marc Freeman, Tracy Sarroff and Veronica Caven Aldous are all multidisciplinary artists whose stylistic and conceptual explorations of this medium are as unique as they are varied. The artists have pursued different ideas from abstraction, colour, form and geometry to narratives of translation, social media, direction, existentialism, shared identities, science fiction and ecology.


Housed within a busy public realm of the Degraves Street subway display cases and surrounded by original mid century modern interior, the various artworks illuminate their strong presence either passing or stopping. They electrify words, shine thoughts, consider concepts, take space, colour play and speak across the inner sides of the walkway.


Please join us for the closing event on Saturday 22 April, 3-5pm. Friends welcome.



For more information, see #guidestohelpyou

Aly Indermühle’s artistic practice encompasses large-scale publicly displayed artwork as seen in VIVID Sydney 2016/2017 and The Australian Open 2017 to smaller more intimate light works for the private sphere. Colour, light, and line are explored in her artworks as a means of expressive and connective visual language. The inspiration for Indermühle’s light works in Campbell Arcade is driven by the experience of the viewer, leading her to attempt to connect on a human level through the language of emotion and memory.

Represented by MARS gallery, Melbourne


Brendan Van Hek works across mediums, incorporating materials such as neon, mirror, glass and metal. Ranging from text-based work to large-scale installations, he links to a history of minimalism and abstraction in work that deals with narratives located in personal history, fiction and cultural politics.

Represented by Sarah Cottier gallery, Sydney


MARC FREEMAN’S interests lie in the significance of the handmade art-object, specifically painting, mark making and textiles. He is interested in the function of the handmade object in relation to shared identity, and how its role might differ from the past to the present. Incorporating textural abstract images, Freeman’s lightbox works disrupt the expectations associated with advertising displays. This plays into the long history of abstraction as a vehicle for rebellion and counter culture.

Represented by NKN gallery, Melbourne


KRISTIN MCIVER  is an Australian artist based in New York. Utilising devices such as language, light, mixed media and new media, her works explore themes of identity within the context of participatory and consumer culture. You and me (and you and me) explores the impacts of social media on identity and relationships. It traverses the complex relationship between subject and object, as participants on online platforms write their story into the collective narrative. In this work, viewer subjectivity and objectivity are called into question.

Represented by Liverpool Street gallery, Sydney and Royale Projects, USA


EUGENIA RASKOPOULOS: The conceptual parameters of Raskopoulos’ work are concerned with identity, the fragmented body, language, translation and transcription. Her work explores the margins of photography and video, an interdisciplinary zone that synthesizes performance, writing, drawing, neon and installation.

Represented by Arc One Gallery, Melbourne and Kronenberg Wright Artists Projects, Sydney.


TRACY SARROFF sources ideas from ecology and overlapping concerns between art, science fiction and science fact, while their form can stem from basic structural compositions of living things, growth and transformation. Tangents may also be taken, which vary in material, aesthetics and conceptual interests. Her sculptures in this exhibition reference proliferation of growth, bioluminescence and echoes of kitsch 60’s space age era in a colour saturated modernist aesthetic.

Represented by Arc One gallery, Melbourne


VERONICA CAVEN ALDOUS’ work in the Campbell Arcade continues her interest in creating playful and ambiguous contemporary metaphors of light. Her practice often finds influence in colour-field painting, post minimalism, spatial interventions, philosophy and meditation while the great beauty of natural light phenomenon motivates her, such as, sunrise, sunsets and the night sky. This work comprising two panels of LED programmed light boxes invites the audience to look inside its seemingly infinite space at close range in order to consider their own spatial situation.


Campbell Arcade exhibition space is run and managed by Creative Spaces and The City of Melbourne



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