LIGHT+LIFE, 13th – 22nd March


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Supported by the NGV and MELBOURNE DESIGN WEEK 12 – 22 MARCH 2020

Presented by Brightspace, 8 Martin St, St Kilda


Light and colour are the environmental factors with the most significant impact on our wellbeing. In this exhibition Light+Life, eight artists and designers produce light-based installations exploring how light affects us physically, mentally and emotionally by engaging visitors in a multi-sensory journey. They employ new ways of designing the immaterial into shape and form to create an array of meditative, scientific and aesthetic works that weave light through narratives of life.

I have two works in this show that are about experience but also knowledge building. My approach is about creating an understanding and experiential examples of how light can be balancing and enlightening. 


Light with Gems Therapy

The Light with Gems Therapy may make us more aware of self and surroundings and add a poetic lift to the space and builds awareness that we all live in the same field, space and place. 

This is a performative work utilising a light therapy technique. As part of my research into the effects of light I looked at health therapies. Last year I studied at a research university in Holland and became trained as an Ayurvedic light with gem therapist. I will present an introductory talk about this technique, its origins, its history, how it works and include demonstrations. For more info:

Dates & Times of these presentations are:

Saturday 14th March – 2-4 p.m.
Sunday 15th March – 2-6 p.m.
Friday 20th March – 2-6 p.m.
Sunday 22nd March – 12-4 p.m.


An Etymology of Light.
The second work is an interactive installation about light and its meaning. I am exhibiting a bound book that I self-published titled An Etymology of Light. This is also part of my continuing research of meanings around my artwork.

My long-term interests are in a non-representational practice that is situated in the expanded field of painting. At times my work references art history, particularly in colour field painting and connections I make using light as a medium and spatial interventions using sound and discussion events. I work with diverse media, public art and discussion panels and completed a PhD in light art at Monash University, having previously completed a MVA at the VCA.


Ilan El (and curator)
Mathew Woodgate
James Tapscott
Aly Indermuhle
Veronica Caven Aldous
Jasmine Targett
Danielle Storm
Marc Pascal

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