Light in Space Installation in the Astro Light Festival, Planetarium Foyer, Scienceworks, Spotswood

Light in space installation 10/9/16 – See:


Hanging out with some droids, Luke and Han Solo.



Images of Spaces are as important as the words

A recent show I curated….exhibiting: Alanna Lorenzon, Danni McCarthy, David Freney-Mills, Linda Loh, Susie Leahy Raleigh and Veronica Caven Aldous at Yarra Sculpture Gallery 31/8 – 11/9/16 with events each day.

All the artists and events presenters responded to a statement I wrote about the Vedic concept that the gaps are as important as the words…which changed into ideas about connections between spaces and words.

Images from all the contributors following ….beginning with Alanna’s work and images of an art therapy workshop she ran.



Danni McCarthy’s work and wall drawing performance.


David Freney-Mills’ work and artist’s talk.


Linda Loh’s video still and she also did an artist’s talk.

Linda Loh YSG (1).jpg

Susie Leahy Raleigh’s work and artist talk.


I set up two installations Talking Circle and Herbal Tea Bar which worked as a central hub for the artists, their events and visitors to the gallery. I also exhibited some Giclee prints and a marquette/sculpture.


OK Collective held a “Words are as important as the spaces” event.


Robert Vincs on saxophone and Anita Hustas on crystal bowls and other percussion performed an improvisation “Unspoken Labyrinth”.


Thomas Ryan gave a presentation about public art “Turning ideas into public art”.


Jasmine Targett hosted a Yoga class given by Yoga Teacher  Madelaine Partsioglou.


Spaces are as important as the words

Have curated a show about space and words …. and different takes on both ..what is in the space?


Walls, 2016, A4 Giclee print


Yarra Sculpture Gallery



Exhibition and events from Weds 31st August



Alanna Lorenzon

Danni McCarthy

David Freney-Mills

Linda Loh

Susie Leahy Raleigh

Veronica Caven Aldous



Curated by Veronica Caven Aldous

Events Drink tea Herbal tea bar running every day 11 a.m. –

4 p.m.

Wednesday 31st August Art therapy session Alanna Lorenzon


2 p.m.
Thursday 1st Sept Artist talk Linda Loh


1 p.m.
Friday 2nd Sept Wall painting and artist talk David Freney-Mills


2 p.m.
Saturday 3rd Sept Wall drawing and music performance Danni McCarthy and Bridget Mantelli on flute


1 p.m.
Sunday 4th


Music Improvisation

“Unspoken Labyrinth”

Robert Vincs on saxophone and Anita Hustas on crystal bowls


2 p.m.
Wednesday 7th Sept Yoga class Madelaine Partsioglou

$10 per person and BYO mat

2 p.m.
Thursday 8th Sept Artist talk: The unknown in regard to the process of making abstract art. Susie Leahy Raleigh


2 p.m.
Friday 9th Sept Public Art talk -“Turning ideas into public art” Thomas Ryan


2:30 p.m.
Saturday 10th Sept Collaborative activity -“Words are as important as the spaces” OK Collective


1 p.m.
Sunday 11th Sept Closing drinks event Open from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Closing Drinks 1- 4 p.m.


Thanks to …

Yarra_logo_official.jpgYSG Logo invert Gray Crop March 2014.jpg


Globelight Inc at Edinburgh Gardens NYE

Had 1 of 5 light works in the Edinburgh Gardens, Clifton Hill, set up and on from 9 p.m. 31st Dec, 2015 running until 12:30 a.m. 1st Jan, 2016. New Year’s Eve event for City of Yarra. So hot for set up but after dark was cooler, cloudy sky helped the work and no rain… so ok in the end. Steady stream of people wandering through to talk to, loads of security, could see city fireworks at midnight…so happy new year! This was a Globelight Inc event and other artists were James Tapscott, Amanda Clarke, Judy Brandt and Sean Diamond.

My work Light in plinth 7, 2015, was hard to photograph but here are a few. It was a steadily moving slow colour-changing Sharpee beam housed in a cube frame of powder coated aluminium on top of the vacant plinth. The beam was programmed to light up its frame and move through the tree foliage mostly but at times circling the plinth on the ground level and above in the sky level.

My work was simple but mesmerising and kids were chasing it though the dark park-scape. Most of the night was spent talking with local people as they walked with family and their dogs throughout the park and enjoying the addition of light art works. They were interested to discuss my ideas behind the work. There was a great sense of community in a park that had previously not been that safe. Thanks Clifton Hill folk for a good night. 


Contemporary Sculpture Award

In the first week of December 2015 I saw an email about a sculpture show held by the Contemporary Sculptors Association at the Yarra Sculpture Gallery, Abbotsford, …last minute decided to enter and happy to announce a week later won the award….a really pleasant surprise. Big thanks to all those involved: committee who put on the show and Kirsty Grant, Heide Director, who judged the award.

Here is an excerpt from the speeches….

BONANZA Sculpture Prize 2015
Opening Speech by Cliff Burtt
Vice Chair: Contemporary Sculptors Association/ Yarra Sculpture Gallery
Many thanks to all the people who supported the Yarra Sculpture Space and the Contemporary Sculptors Association through 2015, and congratulations to the Bonanza exhibiting artists, without whom the show would not be possible.
We especially want to thank the sponsors of our prizes for their generous support, people who have supported us over the years, and once again this year – Ponch Hawkes for donating her photography services, Cameron at Fundere Foundry for casting work, Savaad at Yering Station Art Award, the people at the Art Almanac and finally, the anonymous donor who made this year’s cash prize possible. We would also like to acknowledge the continued support of our landlord the City of Yarra, support that has made a vital contribution to the development of sculptural practices in this city.
Our judge this year was Kirsty Grant, Director of Heide Museum of Modern Art. Prior to her current position, Kirsty was Senior Curator of Australian Art at the National Gallery of Victoria, and instrumental in acquiring and presenting some of the most important exhibitions presented by that institution over the last decade. We thank Kirsty for generously donating her time to make the award selections. Unfortunately, she was unable to attend the opening of Bonanza, but has forwarded her notes.
I’ll read directly from Kirsty;
Sorry I can’t officiate tomorrow but I hope it goes well. Have attached some brief notes on each of the works I selected- I’m trying to imagine you reading them and not sure they are what you would say, but do your best to channel me… Thanks for inviting me to judge the prizes today- it was fun! Congratulations to all of the artists whose work is exhibited and sorry I can’t be there to announce the awards in person. This Year’s show offers an amazingly diverse selection of sculptural works, from the carved and cast to assemblage works and everything in between. It’s fascinating to see what people are doing in their studios, what materials they are using, what they are doing with those materials and what ideas are motivating them to create.
1. CSA $1000 Cash Award This work stood out to me for its clever and unusual combination of three dimensional form, colour and use of digital technology. Like a minimalist painting – cool, crisp and refined – that has been plugged in to an electric socket and come to life, it presents a series of luminous colours rotating across a grid of three screens, beautifully resolved and presented (with echoes of 70s disco floors thrown in for good measure!). Recipient: No.1 My fireplace by Veronica Caven Aldous